Self hosted, professional invoicing software for web designers, landscapers, plumbers, campsites, tour operators, web developers, salons, car rental agencies, consultants, music teachers, message therapists, professional photographers, wedding planners, gift shops, physical therapists, computer support, travel agencies

Innvoice features
Save money!

No Monthly Fees

Forget about monthly fees. With Innvoice, you pay once and own the software forever!

Manage your business

Manage Your Business

Manage your clients, invoices, payments and reports; all from within Innvoice!

Receive payments

Process Payments

Innvoice enabled you to receive payments via credit card, Paypal account or bank transfer.

Flexible invoice structure

Flexible Invoice Structure

Structure your invoice items anyway you'd like; making Innvoice suitable for any business.

Import invoice data

Import Invoice Data

Prepare invoice data in Excel and import the CSV data directly into you Innvoice invoice.



Easily integrate other applications and services with Innvoice using the RESTful API.

Innvoice dashboard

Clear Dashboard

Innvoice comes with a very well structured and clear dashboard, giving you an instant representation of your outstanding invoices and balances. When issuing invoices in multiple currencies, the dashboard simply lets you choose which currency to display. The dashboard clearly displays the total amounts collected, due and past due in any available currency.

The dashboard also shows this year's totals compared to last years totals and the totals per client.

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Easy installation

Easy Installation

Use the installation script to get Innvoice up and running within minutes!

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Clear documentation

Clear Documentation

Clear and precise documentation, both for usage and configuration.

Read the docs
Stellar support

Stellar Support

We're only an email away (and typically respond within 12 hours).

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Simple yet Powerful Reporting

The reporting function allows you generate clear but pretty reports, combining data from different clients/invoices. You can set options such as clients, invoice status and date range to get all the info you need to a pretty format.

Once you have generated your invoice, you're able to export it as a PDF using the "Download PDF" function.

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Simple but powerful reporting
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Innvoic supports recurring invoices. When creating an invoice, you can choose to make it a recurring invoice (it will automatically regenerate after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year).

Innvoice was built using the traditional LAMP stack; meaning Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In addition, the popular CodeIgniter (version 3) PHP framework is used for the back-end and Bootstrap + Flat UI pro for the front-end.

Yes, most likely there will be. If we're made aware of bugs or other major issues, we will guarantee we'll take care of those issues and release an update as soon as possible.

Regarding feature updates; since we're using Innvoice ourselves on a daily base, we're dedicated to make it Innvoice as good as possible. If see room for improvement, we'll definitely consider releasing a feature update. That said, we can not make any promises and Innvoice is sold as is.

Please see the requirements below:

  • Linux/unix server (Windows will most likely work) - PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.1+ (PHP's MySQLi driver is recommended, regular MySQL might work)
  • PHP DOM and GD extension (used for PDF generation)

Yes, totally. All text is placed in language files allowing for easy translation. Please note, that at the moment, no other languages besides Enlgish are bundled with the application.

We at Chilly Orange strongly consider product support an absolute requirement for a great product and as such, we will provide the best support possible for all our customers. To contact support, please shoot an email to [email protected], we typically respond within 12 to 24 hours.

To be honest; we're typically pretty busy and don't very often take on customization work. That said, we do occasionally take on projects, so just shoot us an email and we'll let you know whether we're available.