by Chilly Orange

"Self hosted web applications are not dead, far from it!"

About SelfHosted

SelfHosted is an initiative brought to life by Chilly Orange. We have been building Interweb products for more than a decade and we're now mostly focusing on building retail web applications.

With our current team, we are making an effort to bring affordable, high-end products to wide range of customers.

SelfHosted Manifesto

During recent years, hundreds of articles have appeared across the Interwebs claiming SaaS was the future and self hosted internet software was dead. We saw similar statements about how static HTML web sites were a thing of the past and how Content Management Systems such as Wordpress were going to fully replace the old-fashioned HTML sites.

As was the case with HTML vs CMS, so is the case of SaaS vs Self Hosted. Neither CMS's nor SaaS has wiped out its counterpart. What we witnessed was merely a shift of balance, not uncommon when new technology or new concepts make an appearance. We saw a massive rise of SaaS products the past decade. And for a long time, the SaaS model definitely made a lot of sense.

However, things have changed during more recent years. Servers now cost a fraction of what they did five years ago. These days, you can have your own Virtual Private Server for as little as $5 per month. This, plus the fact that more and more users of web software would like to have full control over things has generated another balance shit, this time if favor of self hosted applications.

We're here to push this movement forward.